Four early 20th century Baroque style figures of the Seasons in the manner of Pieter van Baurscheit

By anthemion-crowther From United Kingdom

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A set of four early 20th century plaster figures representing the Seasons. These figures are of Baroque design, a style very much favoured in Low Countries in the early 18th century.

One of the most successful workshops which produced this type of sculpture was that of the Van Baurscheit family in Antwerp. Originated by Jan Pieter van Baurscheit the Elder in the late 17th century,In 1691 he is recorded as a pupil of Peter Scheemaeckers the Elder and in 1694-5 registered in the guild of Saint Luke as a Master. Baurscheit was appointed assistant director of the Antwerp Mint (1709), sculptor to the King (1714-1715) and sculptor to the Emperor (1717).

Sandstone and Lead were very much the favoured materials in the 18th century for these figures. The pitting and texture on the surface of this set of plaster figures would suggest the originals used for the casts were in one or other of these materials.

Each figure is 32” high.