Dutch Shipping in Choppy Waters c.1650, by Claes Claesz. Wou.

By Roy Precious From United Kingdom

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This excellent painting of a group of Dutch vessels is typical of the work of this artist.
Claes Claesz. Wou was born in Amsterdam in 1592 and died there in 1665. His work is quite rare as few of his paintings have survived.
Like many artists at that time he had additional sources of income; in his case as a dealer in tobacco and working as a panel maker. Many other artist in Amsterdam bought their panels from him.

Wou was a painter very much in the Flemish tradition, his early works being strongly influenced by van Eerrtvelt, Vroom and van Wiringen; but he is better known for his later works which show the influence of Jan Porcellis and Simon de Vliegher. Paintings of this period are often three of four ships, usually in choppy water or a storm, and are characterised by the typical use of grey and brownish tones.

SIZE:25 x 34 inches inc. frame.
PROVENANCE: English Private Collection.